In Navarra and all over the world, the days are ticking down to relive their beloved traditional festivities with more emotion, joy and hospitality than ever before.

For young people, couples and families. For foodies, sportsmen and women and lovers of tradition. Whether you are looking for a cosmopolitan atmosphere and street entertainment, or shows and activities for everyone, you can find it all in San Fermín.





As every year, the San Fermín programme will offer a wide range of activities such as concerts, open-air dances, fireworks, exhibitions, street entertainment, as well as activities for children and families, so that everyone can choose and make the celebration their own.

In addition, there will be traditional events such as the "Chupinazo" announcing the celebration, which is launched on 6 July at 12 noon from the balcony of the Town Hall, the bull runs every day at 8 am, the Procession of the Saint on 7 July, the Vespers, the daily parades of Giants and "Cabezudos", or the closing of so many days of excitement, with the "Pobre de Mí" (Poor Me) on 14 July at midnight.



A little bit of history...

The Sanfermines, as we know them today, have their origin in the confluence of three independent historical events:

  • The commemoration of the martyrdom of San Fermín, from the 12th century onwards, which was celebrated in September with a programme of religious events.
  • The trade fairs that took place at the end of September and which brought together livestock farmers, merchants and villagers, documented from the 14th century onwards.
  • The "encierros" with bulls that were organised on the occasion of these trade fairs.



san fermin


10 tips to enjoy the Sanfermines to the fullest

  1. Wear red and white clothes
  2. Sneak in to see the "Chupinazo"
  3. Get up early to see the running of the bulls
  4. Run the running of the bulls
  5. Enjoy the cheerful and cosmopolitan atmosphere
  6. Have a typical lunch
  7. Buy the official programme
  8. Make your reservations in advance
  9. Don't move your car, everything on foot
  10. Make the most of the opportunity to organise a holiday of 10




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