Grandma's home cooking

The tradicional recipes of basque grandmothers:
We are delighted to invite you to an authentic culinary journey through the traditional recipes of basque grandmothers. In our restaurant, we are dedicated to preserving the culinary heritage of our region by offering dishes that celebrate the flavors and ancestral traditions of the Basque Country.

The importance of Basque grandmothers :

In the Basque Country, grandmothers are called amona, amatxi. They play a crucial role in preserving and passing down the culinary and cultural heritage of the region. Their expertise, acquired over the years, is a true treasure for our community. They use local and seasonal ingredients, and their cooking is imbued with simplicity, authenticity and generosity.

The delights of our grandmothers’ cuisine:

We are proud to present a selection of dishes inspired by the traditional recipes of our Basque grandmothers. Discover these culinary delights, prepared with love and dedication, and savor the authenticity of the Basque Country in every bite:

- Donostia style seafood soup 
- “Roxario” ciderhouse-style codfish omelette
- Fresh anchovy omelette 
- Piquillo peppers filled with “txangurro” crab 
- Baked brown crab "txangurro" San Sebastián style 
- Pan-fried codfish Zapiain cider house style 
- Hake breaded and fried Beef steak tartare 
- "Callos" Rioja style beef tripe with chorizo 
- "Manitas de cordero" braised suckling lamb trotters with Espelette pepper 
- Mature oxtail braised in Rioja Alavesa red wine

Book your table now for a memorable culinary experience in our restaurant and come savor the authenticity of our Basque “Amona”s’ recipes ! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram page to see mouthwatering images of our dishes !