¡New Antojitos Menu!

Now you can fully enjoy the mezcaleria with our new antojitos menu.


In Oaxaca, every bite is a journey to Mexico, an experience that transports us through the authentic and traditional flavors of Mexican cuisine. It’s a tribute to the essence, mystique, and tradition, with an absolute respect for the products of the land and their original flavours. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new selection of appetizers, designed to complement your experience with the finest mezcals, tequilas, and cocktails.

There’s nothing quite like pairing a selection of exquisite mezcals with delicious snacks. Can you imagine pairing a smooth, smoky mezcal with our authentic Oaxacan guacamole, served with crispy totopos and chicharrón?

And if you’re craving something heartier, our appetizers with nixtamalized tortillas are the perfect choice. From Iberian pork tacos al pastor to chicken tinga tostadas, each dish is crafted with fresh, authentic ingredients that capture the essence of Mexican cuisine.

At the Mezcalería de Oaxaca Amsterdam, we invite you to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, where each appetizer is a masterpiece that celebrates the richness and diversity of Mexican cuisine. Come and taste the mezcalería accompanied by the flavours of Mexico – An unforgettable experience!

You can check out the “Antojitos” menu here: ANTOJITOS