White asparagus from Tudela: the great treasure of Basque Cuisine

It still remains the perfect time to celebrate and enjoy one of our unique products, fresh white asparagus from Tudela. An original Basque culinary gem that you can enjoy for a little while longer.


Our friend and supplier, Lus Oses, looks after this exquisite product that has been grown in the fertile Navarra regions for many centuries. Because of the delicate conditions and the fact that it is a 100 percent season product, this product requires a lot of manpower.


Because of the accumulated humidity in the previous months, according to Lus, we are able to enjoy outstanding asparagus this season.

Tudela’s asparagus requires dramatic differences, such as nocturnal cold and daytime heat, in order to produce the product we serve in our restaurants: a fresh, completelytender asparagus that can practically break.

The asparagus grown in the Geographically Protected Indication “Espárrago de Navarra” has a white colour, soft texture, low or no fibrosis, and a perfect balance between the softness of its bitterness on the palate, owing to the zone’s chilly nights, water quality, and growth practises.


The orchard is picked up every day until the middle or end of June, just as the spikes appear and the produce is at its peak.
The secret to getting a one-of-a-kind product is a direct relationship with the producer, with no middlemen, and product freshness, as the product is delivered to our restaurant just a few hours after it is collected.

We treated it with the utmost respect, peeling it by hand, scalding it right away, then softly tempering it in our grill. A straightforward cuisine with no extraneous ingredients and the product as the star. Root food at its finest.

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