Grilled fish is more than just a tradition in the Basque Country, it is almost a religion. Our love for the product, the sea and the work of the ‘arrantzales’, translates into a real devotion to grilled fresh fish, even in the middle of the street, as in Getaria.

At SAGARDI Basque Country Chefs we have always been faithful to this tradition, and our grills have never lacked the best wild fish to grill with wisdom, following in the footsteps of the old basque grillers. For this reason, and coinciding with our 25th anniversary, we wanted to go a step further in our commitment to fresh fish from the fish market in order to always have the best product on our menus.

We have established new direct agreements with basque fishermen to buy the best wild fish directly from the main basque ports. Without intermediaries, direct from the fishing boat to our grill.


So, from now on we can enjoy, directly on the menu and continuously, some of the best catches from the basque coast. Always noble references and of the best quality. Such as, for example, the hake from the port of Pasaia, one of the most important ports in the Basque Country and where the best hake is caught, totally free of anisakis. From the port of Pasaia we also get black monkfish, the most consumed on Basque tables, smoother and with more gelatine than other varieties. From Saint-Jean-de-Luz, in the French Basque Country, we have turbot, one of the great classics of Basque grills, and sole, depending on availability. Our menus also include sea bream caught in the Azores, an authentic Basque delicacy and the king of the grills. As well as other references off the menu, depending on the season, such as San Pedro de Hondarribia, kabratxo, red mullet, txitxarro or hake kokotxas.


Traditional roast

As in the Basque Country, at Sagardi we only grill whole pieces, to share and savour with family and friends. With our grills, made to measure and indebted to the long basque grilling tradition, and the best holm oak charcoal. There is no greater secret than respect for the product and the simplicity and humility of caring for and pampering a unique product, a treasure. The noble hake fillet, weighing more than 3 kilos, is an explosion of flavour, jellies and textures. The grilled turbot, with smooth meat, intense flavour and delicious details, such as the tears that accompany its bones. Or a whole monkfish to enjoy with the family and not leave a single piece behind.

In order to bring out all these flavours and respect the product as much as possible, we have also opted for a traditional, simple and natural dressing. In the different villages of the Basque Country, everyone calls it ‘agua de Lourdes’, ‘la que le parió’, and it is, without a doubt, the best kept secret in the house. But the base of our dressing is very simple: a good raw olive oil, txakoli from Getaria and a few drops of lemon. For us, the main protagonist is the product, the grill and our customers. Because there are few things more wonderful than sharing a good grilled wild fish and a bottle of txakoli at a table.


On egin!