Recipe: Hondarribia's mackerel

At Sagardi we are in favor of always cooking with seasonal products. We are faithful defenders of local produce, and that is why we dedicate a special place in our menu to seasonal dishes. The mackerel is an oily fish from the tuna family, rich in vitamin B2, a good source of minerals and vitamins. In Hondarribia, our fishing boat Itsas Lagunak brings us the best fresh specimens for us to enjoy. Here is our method to help you cook mackerel and surprise your family and friends!

Step by step

- Mackerel is a fish that should be eaten fresh, which is why we would recommend buying it from a local market.

- Remove the head and the central bone, slicing two open fillets of the fish.

- Marinate with salt & sugar and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

- Clean the mackerel with water to remove the remaining marinade.

- From here, we recommend several ways of serving:

  • Cut it into small portions (12 or 15) and use it as an ingredient in a salad.
  • Chop and mix all the ingredients to make a spring vinaigrette and serve with the mackerel, some grey salt and chervil.
  • Grill the fish and present it with oil, grey salt and chervil.

On egin !



Sagardi_Verdel de Hondarribia mariando al momento_2


- 1 pc Marinated mackerel loin
- 90 gr Spring Vinaigrette
- 5 ml Virgin olive oil
- 3 g Grey salt
- 1 pc Chervil


Spring vinaigrette

- 100 g Gernika pepper

- 1 Clove of purple garlic

- 100 g Tender onion

- 100 g Tomato concasse

- 150 ml Virgin olive oil

- 30 ml Cider vinegar

- 10 g Fine salt