Recipe for Spring Products: Sautéed Strawberries with Txakoli Syrup and our Artisan Sheep Yogurt Ice Cream.

The ideal spring dessert, sautéed fresh strawberries with Txakoli syrup and our artisan sheep yogurt ice cream. The strawberries are lightly sautéed in the syrup, enhancing their flavor and making them even juicier and more delicious. 

The contrast between the acidity of the Txakoli and the sweetness of the strawberries creates an irresistible flavor combination. To accompany these sautéed strawberries, we serve artisan sheep yogurt ice cream. This creamy and smooth ice cream is made with sheep yogurt, which gives it a unique flavor and delicate texture. The combination of sautéed strawberries in Txakoli syrup and sheep yogurt ice cream creates an exceptional culinary experience. Each bite is a burst of flavors and textures.

This dessert is perfect for those looking for something refreshing and light after a meal, but it's also indulgent enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. It's a delicious way to finish your meal with a special and sophisticated touch.


- Clean strawberries
- Butter
- Freshly ground black pepper
- Txakoli syrup
- Quenelle of sheep yogurt ice cream
- Mint sprig.

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Step by step

- Clean and cut the strawberries.
- Put the butter in a skillet, add the strawberries.
- Sauté.
- Add the Txakoli syrup and black pepper.
- Cook until the ingredients are well absorbed.
- Plate.
- Add the sheep yogurt ice cream.ja

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